Club Bantu

Brand Identity Development + Web Design

Club Bantu is an emerging Afrobeats Party and Record Label in Austin. Founded in 2017 by Taz Nzara as a desire to the spread the love, culture, and music of Afrobeats. Taz came to me to help evolve the Club Bantu brand identity. Together we decided to move away from literal tropes and reflect the energy, rhythm, and sprit of Afrobeats. The typographic was composed to provide solutions which can range from simple and seductive to high-energy and emphatic.

Asset 8@2x.png
Asset 9@2x.png

The design of the website provides a simple and clear experience by using a video background to help people imagine the energy and vibrance of Club Bantu events and a clear call to action to RSVP. 

Visit the website to see the full video